We Need to Rethink. . . . Before We Rebuild!

Our small off the grid family business 'Bush Organics' lost 1/3 of our beehives, workshop with tools & hive supplies, organic orchard, irrigation systems, tanks and pump, having a huge impact on our income and lifestyle. 

We need to re think before we rebuild!  The temperatures are increasing and wild fires are set to become part of our future.  After a couple of months of discussion we have decided to work with our family friend Dr Martin Freney to design and plan the build of a pod designed earthship.  Together with Phil Mather our resident horticulturalists and stone masion we will redesign the organic orchard, food forest and look to plant fire resistant species in landscaping.

Earthships are energy and water efficient homes that are made with upcycled waste materials and earth. They are self-sufficient in power, water and black/grey water treatment.  Ideal for rebuilding in bushfire affected areas as they are inherently bushfire resistant due to earthsheltered architecture in which the walls of the home are surrounded by a layer of earth many metres thick which creates a fire-proof barrier that is impenetrable to embers and heat.  

Our family with the supporting hands of our community will build a sustainable model and lead by example of how to live simply in high risk bush fire areas in harmony with nature.  We will open our earthship as part of the sustainable house days and provide educational research and development residencies and community workshops.  We would be so greatful if you can help us to rebuild by supporting our journey and dream